Why is it called a Brazilian Butt Lift, can we call it Shape The Rump?

A plump booty on the big screen and off is no doubt increasing in popularity.  It started with Jennifer Lopez and continues today with the Kardashians.  But why is it called a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Yahoo Answers exploded with comments about this same topic last week. A user asked the question of why isn’t it called African Butt Lift? After all, African American ladies are known to have round, plump, and lifted booties, so what gives? A debate was struck, but no final answer ever came up.

The Kardashians are well blessed, but they have an Armenian heritage, while Jennifer Lopez rocks that Puerto Rico booty, not to mention her album “Booty” with Pitbull tops the charts.  So why it is still called a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Overall, most Brazilian women exhibit feminine bodies with kicking curves, but is it fair to label such a procedure after a country? Or is it simply a brand that caught on and continued?

We went out searching for the answer and still today, we haven’t found a straight answer.  Surgeons share the facts and details about the Butt Lift procedure no matter what the mainstream calls it.

The fact is, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt augmentation procedure, clinically referred to as Gluteoplasty, which stands for “Shape the Rump” in Greek.  Now, that’s cool.  Can we start calling it shape the rump?

You can only imagine, my conversations with the surgeons weren’t quite what I expected, but they all agreed on one thing, this procedure has increased in popularity.

The traditional butt lift involved implants and still does, but more ladies are opting and requesting the fat transfer Brazilian Butt Lift.

The fat transfer procedure involves removing fat from one area of the body where it’s not desired, and transferring it to the buttocks area for a more enhanced rear view.

One thing we know for sure, when it comes to aesthetics, brand names may evolve for marketing hype, but the details and purpose of the procedure remain consistent with a few adjustments and technique improvements.

Whether it’s a Brazilian butt lift today, or we begin calling it shape the rump procedure tomorrow, in the professional, clinical world, it will always be referred to as a Gluteoplasty.

If you had to give this procedure a new catchy name, what would you call it?

3 thoughts on “Why is it called a Brazilian Butt Lift, can we call it Shape The Rump?

  1. NanaDimeSkie 6:44 pmDecember 27, 2014

    I would call it after the race which it mimics. I would call it the African Butt Lift.

    • Pascale Saliba 9:14 pmMarch 14, 2015

      Haha, love it!

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