“Resting Diva Face”: the key to ageless beauty?

I’m fascinated by this new meme going around the internet: “Smiling gives you wrinkles. Resting diva face keeps you pretty”.

I’m worried: have I been ageing myself by smiling too much? Have I been accelerating my wrinkle retention by laughing too loud? Am I deepening my forehead lines by being too expressive? It’s true that expression lines are the result of repetitive action of the voluntary muscles and the stronger that muscle becomes, the deeper the crease.

Photo: LiveJournal.com

Photo: LiveJournal.com


I better get to being bitchy and expressionless, stat!

Well, no one can go through life with “resting Diva face” ALL the time and the key is not to stop smiling either. In fact, if you don’t smile, the muscles at corners of your mouth turn downward and create the illusion of accelerated ageing.

When you smile and lift those corners, it gives your whole face a lift! Dermatologists say that the biggest culprit of facial creases attributed to ageing is actually frowning. Constant frowning causes permanent lines between the brows and the forehead.

Of course, lines due to smiling, or “nasolabial folds,” cannot be avoided, especially if you’re like me and smile way more than necessary (hey- I didn’t live through braces for nothing!) An increasing lack of collagen as we get older also prevents skin from bouncing back from the effects of gravity.

For every problem, there is a solution, and whether you’re always in worried frowning mode or smiling happy mode, permanent lines are inevitable at some point, and cosmetic surgery can easily treat them. Raised eyebrows, grimacing, and stress that cause forehead lines are easily smoothed out with Botox, while smile lines can be filled out with fat injections or fillers. So, go ahead and smile (or frown) away– resting bitchy diva face not necessary!

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