Medical Spa

A Medical Spa is more commonly referred to as medspa or medispa.  Exactly like it sounds, medical services provided in a spa setting.  Non-Invasive cosmetic treatments, injectables, laser and skin care treatments are a few of the menu options available at any local medical spa.

Doctors may operate a medspa in their office, or have a separate location strictly focused on non-invasive services.

Medspas are popular with busy patients, they’re able to come in during a lunch hour, get a quick skin rejuvenation treatment and back out the door.

A licensed doctor must be the majority owner and responsible for the operations of the medical spa.  Experienced aesthetic nurses may operate the medspa on a daily basis and provide certain treatments, but the plastic surgeon or doctor is responsible for the health, safety and well-being of each patient.

What are the most common medical spa treatments?

Most plastic surgeons will combine these treatments with other surgical treatments when necessary to enhance the overall aesthetics.  

Dermatologists will also rely on some of these treatments to keep you skin well rejuvenated.

Does the doctor provide my consultation?

Depending on the treatment you’re getting, certain treatments may require the doctor to be present during the consultation.  Some treatments such as a microdermabrasion only requires a licensed aesthetician or nurse to provide the evaluation.

Is the cost of these treatments less at a medical spa?

Medspas will regularly run specials and hold entertaining open house events filled with savings.  These non-invasive treatments require ongoing maintenance, the savings make it more affordable to do so.

Does insurance pay for my medical spa visits?

Depending on the treatments, generally speaking, medical insurance will not cover any cosmetic related treatments.  At times, skin care treatments may be covered by your medical insurance if your dermatologist operates the medical spa, and your treatments are related to a medical condition, but these cases are extremely rare.

Although medical spa treatments are quite affordable, almost all locations provide financing options such as CareCredit®.

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