How Often Should One Wash The Face?

To wash or not to wash? Most of us think of washing our face as part of the twice-a-day routine that naturally accompanies brushing one’s teeth– and feel the guilt if we skip one of those sessions!

how often should wash the face

Fatigue, one too many happy hour drinks, or a busy lifestyle can have us hitting the sack without hitting the bathroom sink.

Well, more and more reports say, fear not, as it is only necessary to scrub & wash the face once a day- BUT it must be at night before bed! In fact, it is argued that not only is twice-a-day facial cleansing unnecessary, it is unhealthy, as “over” cleaning strips the skin of healthy, essential oils.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, if there are no obvious skin issues, such as acne, than a morning wash is not necessary, as our skin has not been exposed to the elements (or layered in makeup) while sleeping.

Over-washing can also potentially lead to a compromised skin barrier, leaving us susceptible to harmful environmental effects, such as pollution.

The jury may still be out on this topic, but at the end of the day, everyone’s skin type is unique and requires different attention, routines, and products. If you are prone to sweating, breakouts, or have oily skin, than obviously twice-a-day cleansing might be what the doctor ordered, especially in hotter weather.

Some across-the-board tips do apply, however:

  • Most dermatologists recommend gentle exfoliation once or twice a week, max, (as opposed to everyday) and avoiding facial scrubs that include “natural” exfoliants such as apricots, since the edges can be jagged or mishappen, causing tiny cuts in the skin.
  • Stay away from alcohol-based toners, which strips natural oils from the skin. But you knew that already, didn’t you? The goal is not to be “squeaky clean”!
  • The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and requires special TLC so use gentle eye makeup removers, preferably an oil-based cream as opposed to liquid, to avoid irritation (and steer clear of my own personal bad habit of using any old facial lotion to remove eye makeup!)

Do you have a special regimen you follow when you wash your face? Do share by leaving your comment below.

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