Getting Back Your Youthful Glow : A Skin Care Beginner’s Guide

When I was in my twenties and people would guess my age, it was always younger than I was– some people even thought I was in my teens! Sadly, those flatteringly incorrect estimates are behind me; ever since I hit 30, people have started to guess that I look…well, my age!

skin careOne of the first, and most visible parts of us to age is our faces. No longer is it effortless to have tight, smooth, baby soft skin and  our youthful glow starts to fade under the weight of the punishment we our bodies through—sun exposure, improper diet, stress, alcohol and cigarettes. If you’re thinking about surgery as a means to reverse that part of the aging process and get back your bright, dewy glow, here are some effective procedures you can start looking into:

Laser skin resurfacing: Beams of light removes the outer layer of (damaged) skin while simultaneously heating the underlying skin, which stimulates the growth of collagen fibers. The result, after healing, is new skin that is firmer and smoother. Welcome back, twenties!

Microdermabrasion: Similar in theory to the laser skin resurfacing, the idea is to remove the surface layer of skin and force the body to “heal” itself by producing new skin cells that are smoother and… new! A dermatologist or plastic surgeon uses an instrument that sprays tiny exfoliating crystals onto the skin.

Botox : Botulinum toxin blocks muscular nerve signals, resulting in diminished wrinkles such as crows feet or laugh lines.

Chemical peels : A chemical solution removes the outer layer of skin (by causing it to blister and eventually peel off), and along with it, any blemishes, sun damage, or uneven skin tone.

Nontraditional procedures:

“Vampire facial”: Microneedles inject the patient’s own blood into the face, causing the platelet rich plasma to stimulate collagen and elastin growth. Patients report their skin as looking smoother and “glowing.”

Cupping: Facial cupping plumps lines and wrinkles, and drains chronic puffiness. The release of tension in the face will smooth over any lines or rigid muscle tissue.

Got any tips of your own? share them in the comment section with us, we’d love to put them to the test.


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