Frown Line Prevention Tips : How to Beat The Winter Blues

The weather is turning and that can put some folks in a funk: but don’t let your face show it! Whether it’s remedies done at home or treatments performed at your doctor’s office, there are ways to prevent and eradicate those “frown lines” between your eyebrows and across your forehead:

At home frown line prevention tips

Moisturize on the inside and out: Beauty starts from within. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake if possible which dries out skin and stay hydrated with plenty of water, tea, and fruits and vegetables which contain lots of water.

Invest in two different moisturizers; one for the morning (with sunblock, always! Avoiding sun damage helps prevent wrinkles and just because it is cold doesn’t mean the sun is any less damaging) and a heavier one for nighttime. Add a nutrient-packed serum to get even deeper into the skin.

At home facial peels: These easy-to-use at-home kits with alpha and beta hydroxy acids (it’s best to use a peel that has both acids as the formula is more effective when they work together) range in price from about $40-$120 and work to shrink pores, remove dead skin cells, and deeply exfoliate the skin.

The results are a brighter face and a reduction in wrinkles and lines.

At the cosmetic surgeon’s office:

Fat Injections: Let’s say you suffer the opposite of seasonal depression and can’t stop smiling or you just have a particularly emotive face. Well, all that happiness comes at a price called smile lines (also called nasolabial folds) – deep lines around your mouth, more visible with age and lack of collagen.

Fat injections, which are more of a long-term solution than fillers such as Restylane, take fat from one part of the body and deposit it into those unsightly facial crevices, filling out the lines to create a smooth, even surface.

Botox: The most well-known cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, this popular procedure involves a dermatologist or plastic surgeon injecting the botulinum toxin into the face. It works by blocking nerves and paralyzing muscle activity, which reduces the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles for up to four months.  

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