Cosmetic Surgery on the rise in the world of Selfie and Social Media

In the new social world, even the not so high-tech housewife next door knows what a selfie is.  There’s a bigger urge for visual perfection and an increased yearning for cosmetic surgery in the new world of selfie and on social media timelines.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, year after year, statistics show a steady increase in aesthetic enhancements. Watch out, cosmetic surgery is on the rise!

The advancements in equipment and techniques have turned the most invasive cosmetic procedures of yesterday into a more comfortable procedure that offers less down time, less scars and a quicker recovery.

With new techniques, products and competition in the cosmetic world.  Plastic surgery has become even more affordable for the common woman to pursue her desired perfection.  A career woman can step into a medical spa over a lunch hour, walk out rejuvenated and refreshed from a menu selection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Most women will agree that a “Do Not Disturb” sign looks great on the bedroom door, but nowhere near their aging process. Disturbing the aging process with cosmetic enhancements can boost self confidence, which automatically correlates to a more active, fun, lifestyle.

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In the world of social media, sharing the new found beauty is easier than ever.  A quick selfie to show off a wrinkle-free forehead or a new contoured facial profile is at the fingertips of 90% of the population. Gone are the days of waiting for our girlfriend to come over and check out the new look.  Social media has opened up the line of communication between friends globally, sharing your new gorgeous selfie is simply a thing to do.  Friends of friends are drawn to the conversation and the epidemic of striving for perfection begins.

Cosmetic surgery hasn’t always been popular, there’s been many controversies surrounding our beloved subject.  It’s been called a sin, while others call it a sinful pleasure, no matter what anyone call it, wanting to enhance our assets is a personal decision.

Once you’ve researched the options and found a cosmetic surgeon you can trust, the decision is yours to make.  Not sure what the new statistics will reveal, but today’s cosmetic surgery in the world of the famous selfie will remain strong and social.

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