Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures; it addresses the nose shape and can correct any breathing issues relating to a defect.

Patients are generally amazed at the difference a Rhinoplasty can do to the balance and overall look of the face.   Your cosmetic surgeon’s goal with a Rhinoplasty is to correct any breathing issues while giving you a natural look.  Not all faces are the same, therefore a realistic goal should be set to achieve a natural result that does not interfere or change one’s characteristics.

Common reasons patients want Rhinoplasty:

  • The size of the nose is not in proportion with the rest of the face
  • The side profile may have a high arch
  • The nose is too wide near the nostrils
  • The tip of the nose points down and hangs
  • The Nostril area is too large or not symmetrical
  • Breathing issues due to obstructions inside the nose

A Rhinoplasty can correct the entire alignment of the nose on the outside and inside.  This also corrects the breathing issues patients experience.

Advancements in today’s cosmetic surgery techniques have turned this invasive surgery into a less than invasive procedure that results in a quicker recovery.  Before deciding on a Rhinoplasty, you might want to research the various techniques used to perform the actual procedure.

When prior Rhinoplasty patients are asked to share their experience, the majority will say that it wasn’t as painful as they expected, but, they did not like the discomfort of the packing during recovery.   The packing is the gauze placed at the back of the nose during the surgery, blocking the airway between the nose and the back of the throat.  It tends to be quite uncomfortable for many patients and will remain in place during the recovery for a few days.

Not all Rhinoplasty surgeons use the same technique to perform the surgery. Many have developed techniques of their own that promise no outer incisions and no packing.

If you’d like to enhance your facial features or correct any breathing issues, a Rhinoplasty might be the right procedure for you.  Begin by educating yourself on the pros and cons of the various techniques by selecting a few surgeons and consult with them.

Only you and your surgeon can decide on the best course to take for your particular surgery.  Many surgeons also offer morphing software that allows you to view a digital image of yourself with a virtually enhanced nose.  This is done to help you preview what your nose and profile will look like if you elect to have the Rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

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