Microdermabrasion or, more commonly referred to as Microderm, is a way to exfoliate the top layer of skin off allowing for new, fresh, smooth skin to form.

The treatment helps rejuvenate the skin and improve scars, brown spots and age spots.  What emerges after the microdermabrasion session is a glowing fresh smooth surface.

microdermWhat Microdermabrasion won’t do:

It is not a treatment for burn scars, moles, or birthmarks.  Think of it as a professional scrub that goes beyond the at-home scrubs using sand or a diamond tip.

Is it right for me?

Start by looking in the mirror, if your skin feels dull and rough, you will love this treatment and the new glowing, smooth skin that emerges. 

  • Good for all skin types
  • No Downtime
  • No Scars

If you have deeper acne scars, wrinkles or darker age spots, you might want to consider talking to a dermatologist or skin care provider about other treatments that give you better results for your specific goals.

How often do I need this treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a way to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated, many patients schedule a monthly visit, like most non-invasive cosmetic treatments, follow up visits are important to maintain optimal results.

What does the Microdermabrasion treatment involve?

The procedure itself involves instruments that spray tiny crystals on your skin and gently remove the outer layer.  After your microdermabrasion session, the provider will protect your skin with an SPF moisturizer and you leave the doctor’s office with smooth, soft, bright skin.

It is probably one of the most favored non-invasive cosmetic treatments.  The exfoliation of dead skin feels great and looks even better.

If you need a more aggressive treatment, your provider may recommend Dermabrasion, which requires numbing and possibly medication.

Once you’ve decided to have the treatment, your microdermabrasion provider will discuss all the details with you during the consultation.  The consultation is quick, since it’s a simple procedure.

This non-invasive skin care treatment may be combined with other skin care treatments, Botox injections, or fillers to further enhance your facial rejuvenation and aesthetic results.

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