Laser Spider Vein Treatment

The Laser Spider Vein Treatment is a simple laser treatment that helps in the spider vein removal process by applying laser heat to the affected area.  Patients choose the laser spider vein treatment because it has been proven to be a safe and effective non-surgical treatment.

Spider veins do not cause any pain; they are mostly considered a cosmetic issue and mostly present on the thighs, calves and ankles.  They appear due to various lifestyle changes relating to weight, pregnancy, or simple genetics.  If you spend a lot of time sitting or standing, circulatory problems tend to occur causing the blood to collect in one area enlarging the veins. 

Both men and women get spider veins, but more women elect to have the treatment performed, because their legs are hairless, making the spider veins more visible.

Many patients attempt to self-treat by making some lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising and giving their legs a rest by elevating them periodically throughout the day.  They also rely on over-the-counter products such as compression stockings that can be worn to also help minimize the increase of spider veins, but none of these methods have been proven to be as effective as a laser spider vein removal treatment.

Patients turn to laser spider vein treatment because they want to finally rid their bodies of this visual annoyance.

What does the laser spider vein treatment involve?

Most patients will report that the pain level is tolerable and only felt when the laser light hits the skin.  Like any other surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, there are side effects.  Local skin irritations, skin burns and discolorations have been reported, but these are localized to the area treated and are temporary. 

Not all skin types will react the same to laser treatments. Not everyone is a candidate for laser cosmetic treatments. Discussing the details with your doctor is important based on your skin type and what your particular treatment will involve.

If you suffer from spider veins and have tried the at-home methods without any success, it might be time to discuss your details with a local cosmetic provider who will provide you with the laser spider vein treatment details or any other treatment options that best fit your particular needs.

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