Facial Implants

Facial implants are used to enhance the facial symmetry and create definition in the facial features.  Various areas of the face may require facial implants to achieve the desired look. 

The patient and surgeon will decide which areas require facial implants, based on individual characteristics and aesthetic goals.  This facial cosmetic surgery procedure may also be combined with another to achieve the ultimate aesthetic goal.

What areas of the face require facial implants?

Cheek Implants

Patients born with a flat, undefined cheekbone or who want to correct the definition, due to aging or acne scarring, can benefit from a cheek augmentation using cheek implants.  The size and type of cheek implant varies depending on the desired goal and size of the placement area.   

Chin implants

Chin Implants turn a weak chin into a more defined one.  Many people with a less defined and receding chin turn to chin implants in order to achieve a more defined, confident appearance.  Chin implants can enhance the overall facial features by creating a harmonious balance on the face.

Jaw Implants

Facial implants in the jaw create a more defined jaw line.  More men than women elect the jaw facial implants because they are looking for a stronger, more masculine jaw line.  Like other facial implants, the jaw implant can create a symmetry and balance in the facial features that enhances the overall face.

Are facial implants right for me?

Only you and a qualified surgeon can determine if facial implants are right for you.  Most surgeons recommend that patients try non-invasive medical treatments such as fillers, prior to electing surgery. But when the non-invasive treatments simply don’t provide results or the severity of symmetry cannot be corrected with the less invasive methods, facial implants are something to consider.

What else do I need to know?

Although facial implants and cosmetic surgery, in general, is meant to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance, it is important to discuss your aesthetic goals with a qualified surgeon in order to decide on the best course for your cosmetic journey.  One or more of the facial implants listed above may be required in order to achieve the perfect balance.  Like any other surgery, facial implants may have their own risks. Understanding the details and what is involved prior, during and after surgery is key to achieving successful results.


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