Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery is clinically referred to as otoplasty.  Ear surgery is a unique cosmetic surgery procedure because it’s elected for children as much as it is chosen by adults.  

Ear surgery is generally chosen to correct protruding ears or overly large ears. Well positioned ears can have an impact on the overall look and on one’s self confidence.

Many children are teased during childhood, whether they have protruding ears or overly large ears clinically referred to as macrotia.  Ear surgery can correct these issues by creating an overall balance in the ears’ position and size.

What else can ear surgery correct?

  • Over extended earlobes due to aging
  • Split earlobes due to injury
  • Earlobes attached to the side of the face

What else do I need to know about ear surgery?

Like most cosmetic surgery procedures, ear surgery is generally not covered under medical insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to ask when it’s the result of an injury or it relates to a child. 

Many adults end up choosing ear surgery again because they’re not satisfied with their previous surgery from childhood.  Find an experienced surgeon to perform the surgery.

The outcome of ear surgery is generally very satisfactory and makes a positive impact one one’s self-esteem.  Like any other surgery, discussing the risks and getting all the details of what’s expected before, during and after surgery can really make an impact on your decision and your final ear surgery results.


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