Coolsculpting Treatment

The amazing new Coolsculpting treatment is FDA approved and freezes stubborn fat to give you that shapely figure without surgery.

How does the treatment work?

The Coolsculpting procedure was based on the Cryolipolysis science of freezing the fat without affecting the surrounding tissue and muscle.  Once the fat cells are frozen, the body rids itself of these dead fat cells over the coming weeks.  What emerges is a smooth, shapely and smaller area.

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Is Coolsculpting Safe?

Like any other procedure, one must weigh all the options and read patient reviews on the particular treatment.  It is FDA-approved and non-surgical, which makes it less of a risk than a traditional surgical liposuction procedure.

It is quite popular among patients wanting to finally rid their bodies of the unwanted stubborn fat areas, but don’t want the risk and possible complications of surgery.  No major safety issues have been reported about the treatment.

Does the fat come back?

Once the body eliminates the frozen fat cells, they are gone for good.  New fat cells can form if you don’t watch your weight and keep an active lifestyle.

How Many treatments do I need?

Only your coolsculpting provider can answer that based on the area being treated, most treatments are only once, but if multiple areas are being treated, for the sake of your comfort, your coolsculpting provider may suggest multiple visits.

Is it a great weight loss solution for me?

Do not confuse coolsculpting with a weight loss regiment such as gastric bypass. This procedure is not a treatment for obesity.  It should be viewed as a non-surgical approach to liposuction.

An ideal candidate is one that has maintained their body weight, leads an active lifestyle, just simply cannot get rid of the love handles or other stubborn areas of fat, and does not want a full surgical liposuction procedure.

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