Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation, clinically referred to as Mentoplasty focuses on enhancing the chin shape and bring it to balance with the rest of the face.

Many patients looking to have other facial cosmetic surgery, specifically a nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), elect the chin augmentation procedure at the same time in order to create an overall harmonious balance.

Your chin augmentation procedure may involve one or more of the following:

  • Chin implants
  • Chin Reduction
  • Chin Rounding

Am I a candidate for the chin augmentation procedure?

If you suffer from an over extended, under extended or pointy chin or want to enhance the contours of your facial features, you might want to consider the chin augmentation procedure or many other facial cosmetic surgery procedures.

The advancements in cosmetic surgery techniques and procedures such as the chin augmentation, make it very popular due to the very visible enhancements it provides.  It’s important to find a surgeon you can trust and one who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery procedures.  Typically, the surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist or maxillofacial surgeon.

What else do I need to know about chin augmentation?

One of the issues patients discuss is the shifting of a chin implant.  This is very important and can be avoided by properly educating yourself on the various techniques and products available.  Although there are different chin implant manufacturers, each has its pros and cons. Details of the product and the manufacturer should be discussed with your surgeon prior to your surgery.  The chin implant products are generally Silicone elastomers, PTFE (formerly Goretex), or POREX implants.

Surgeons use different techniques for placement of a chin implant. Some may use screws to hold it in place; others may not. Discussing the details and addressing your concerns with your qualified surgeon is the only way to ease your mind about the chin augmentation procedure and help you get the results you are looking to achieve.


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