Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift surgery, clinically known as Brachioplasty, and more commonly referred to as arm reduction surgery, can remove excess sagging skin and reduce the circumference on the upper arms.

The surgery is often sought after by both men and women due to the normal aging process or after extreme weight loss.

What does the arm lift surgery involve?

Preparation – The arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.  Prior to surgery, your surgeon will mark the areas of incision.  The amount of skin removed differs from one patient to another.  An incision is made on the under side of the arm to try and hide the scars.

Am I a candidate for arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery is not for everyone. There are things to consider when electing for this surgery.  A good candidate is one who has maintained their weight for a period of time, has no health issues, is a non-smoker, and many other factors that your surgeon will evaluate prior to scheduling your arm lift surgery.

How about the arm lift surgery scars?

The arm lift surgery scars are inevitable, depending on the severity of the reduction, some surgeons use liposuction to reduce the circumference of the upper arm, this is only effective if you have good skin elasticity and a targeted area to address.  Although the surgeon will do his best to hide the scars on the under side of the arm, you will have scars. Many patients who undergo the surgery accept the trade.

What else do I need to know?

Do your homework, find a cosmetic surgeon who performs many of these surgeries and prepare yourself by writing a list of questions to ask the day of your consultation.  A well-informed patient makes better decisions.  Here’s a few common questions patients will ask:

  • How long will my surgery take?
  • How long is the recovery period?
  • Where will the incision be?
  • How long will I need to take off work?
  • How functional will my arms be after the surgery and will I need assistance?
  • How much does the surgery cost?
  • Will I have a drainage tube?

Even with the arm lift surgery scars. Patients who have undergone the surgery are happy with their results, especially the ones who have extreme excess skin.  Many do not show off their arms due to the scars, but have a new found confidence in wearing clothing they may not have been able to wear.  Keep in mind, each patient’s healing process is different. Some patient’s scars are minimal. It’s important to strictly follow your arm lift post-surgery instructions.

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