Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon, but how do you know?

Altering your features with cosmetic surgery is a big deal and a very personal decision, choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is key to the success of your surgery, but what steps can you take as the patient and how do you know if you’ve made the right choice?

When you are about to put your life in someone’s hands, you need to know that no question is a stupid question and make sure you have a whole list of them.

choosing the best plastic surgeons

There are surgeons in this world that shouldn’t be anywhere near a kitchen knife not to mention a scalpel.  Nothing guarantees the outcome of a surgery, but there are some detailed information you can empower yourself with to minimize the risks.

Research your cosmetic surgical procedure

Check, double check and triple check all the options available for your particular plastic surgery.  Make a list of questions to ask the surgeons you will visit for your consultation.


Rely on family, friends, your physician and online sources to find a cosmetic surgeon and pick 2 or 3 to consult with.

Review their results from previous surgeries

Look at before and after pictures, remember some surgeons do not have all their photographs online and some that do have them online only display their best.  You are in charge of your destiny and your choice will dictate the outcome.

Evaluate their credentials

It’s important to evaluate credentials, prior training, current status and the length of experience a surgeon has specifically for the surgery you’re looking to have.

If you’re looking to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you’ll want a surgeon that does many.  Choose one based on experience, quality, and references not because they show up first on search engines.

Being first on Google doesn’t mean they’re good, it simply means they pay to be first.

Face to Face Consultation

Take the time and schedule multiple consultations, evaluate the practice, the staff, and the temperament of your surgeon, don’t be shy to ask for references, or even speak to a previous patient that had your same surgery.

All cosmetic surgeons strive for excellence, happy patients and long lasting natural enhancements.  You as the patient can empower yourself with information in order to make the right decision when choosing the best cosmetic surgeon.

Always remember, the question is no until you ask and when you’re about to go under general anesthesia and alter your appearance, your questions and concerns should be addressed leaving you completely comfortable with the choices you’ve made.

Have you had cosmetic surgery? How did you select your surgeon? Were you happy with the outcome?

Share your thoughts and experience with us and what you would have done differently when choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

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