Chin Augmentation Surgery – Marilyn Did It!

Did you know one of the most legendary sex symbols of our time was once referred to as a “chinless wonder” by a casting agent? Well, you’d never guess that the beautiful Ms. Marilyn Monroe was once anything less than captivating but it has been discovered that the starlet underwent chin augmentation surgery before the explosive rise of her extraordinary movie career and iconic status.

A “chinplant” is a way of correcting the proportions of one’s face (say, the chin compared to the nose), or creating a defined distinction between the neck and the jawline. It can also take years off of one’s face, as a sagging chin or jawline are among the first areas of the face to show signs of aging.

marilyn monroe chin augmentation surgery before and after

Chin augmentation is a relatively easy (in terms of complications, side effects, and recovery period) procedure that can create a more striking profile, dramatize the silhouette of the face, and sculpt a more defined jawline. Most commonly the candidate has a weak or receding chin.

The cosmetic procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who creates a pocket in front of the chin and inserts an implant made of silicone, real bone or fat tissue. The procedure may also require the surgeon to cut and move some bones along the jawline, a surgery that is also performed to correct misaligned bites (cite cosmetic dentistry article for orthognathic surgery here).

Besides a desire to stop seeing a double chin when looking at photos or videos of oneself, the reasons for getting chin surgery can be psychological as well. Studies have shown that a strong chin is associated with leadership and strength (a 2007 study of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies showed that 90% of chief executives had chins stronger than the average U.S. population’s), and, according to this Northwestern and Dartmouth College study[1], social dominance.

Ask your doctor if you are a good candidate for chin augmentation: it can, and commonly is, performed in conjunction with other facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty, facial liposuction, or cosmetic dentistry.

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