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Beyond the Microdermabrasion a Closer look at Dermaplaning

Besides gently removing the top layer of the skin and leaving it smooth, dermaplaning is amazing at erasing the fuzzy hairs all over the face. The skin will glow, feel smooth, and is quite obvious during the application of foundation over the skin.

Are Doctors and Plastic Surgeons’ Online Reviews Always True?

Before we seek the help of a doctor or cosmetic surgeon, we quickly run to our friendly www check online for ratings and reviews. One has to think twice and shy away from doctors that have an ongoing bad reputation, but are those online reviews true? Let’s face it, we all agree, there are some doctors that simply should not practice, and botched surgeries

Give the Gift of Beauty this Holiday Season

A new pair of heels, a blender, and…breast implants? That’s right, when building Christmas wish lists, plastic surgery is on the menu as a perfectly viable option for an increasing number of women and men, young and old. Holiday season is approaching, and, for those of us who are particularly proactive about getting a head start on gift buying, it’s time to think about what we want to give to our loved ones (or ourselves!)

Plasma Injections (PRP) – No wonder Dracula looked so young!

Not quite the Halloween horror story but platelet rich plasma injections (PRP) also involve blood and looking young, so what’s the scoop on the PRP facelift? Halloween is over but all across the country cosmetic surgeons and doctors are busy drawing blood and re-injecting it just in the right spots stimulating skin into action.

Frown Line Prevention Tips : How to Beat The Winter Blues

The weather is turning and that can put some folks in a funk: but don’t let your face show it! Whether it’s remedies done at home or treatments performed at your doctor’s office, there are ways to prevent and eradicate those “frown lines” between your eyebrows and across your forehead:

The Real Scoop about the Cosmetic Surgery Credit Card

We all want to look good, and afford it too. Is the interest free financing that comes with your cosmetic surgery credit card really free? Here’s the real scoop. You can easily use a personal credit card and make payments, but the interest rates are high. Cosmetic doctors offer financing options that include interest free terms.

Cosmetic Surgery on the rise in the world of Selfie and Social Media

In the new social world, even the not so high-tech housewife next door knows what a selfie is. There’s a bigger urge for visual perfection and an increased yearning for cosmetic surgery in the new world of selfie and on social media timelines. –

What is a medical spa? and why go there?

Patients looking to enhance their look without cosmetic surgery look for a medical spa, most commonly known as medspa or medispa, but what is a medical spa anyway? In recent years, medical spas have popped up all over the country. Some are located within the cosmetic surgery office, others are a stand alone business. A medical spa provides non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments, these treatments may also include laser cosmetic procedures.
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