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Are Doctors and Plastic Surgeons’ Online Reviews Always True?

Before we seek the help of a doctor or cosmetic surgeon, we quickly run to our friendly www check online for ratings and reviews. One has to think twice and shy away from doctors that have an ongoing bad reputation, but are those online reviews true? Let’s face it, we all agree, there are some doctors that simply should not practice, and botched surgeries

The Selfie Generation

“Selfie” pictures have quickly become the new norm, replacing group friend shots or photos with family as the go-to pose on social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat, but arguably made most popular on Instagram. As in now-faded sites like MySpace and YouTube, the average user can become a “celebrity” on Instagram with enough “liked” photos and followers. All that is needed is some flattering selfies, and voila!– you are now a model!

When Cosmetic Surgery Saves Lives

While some people might think of cosmetic procedures as optional, there are many threatening situations in which plastic surgeons are the angels who use cosmetic surgery to save lives: Humanitarian plastic surgery: Nonprofit organizations such as Operation Smile, Global Smile Foundation, Rotaplast International, and Caring for Kids along with Surgical Volunteers International provide free surgery for kids and adults around the world who suffer from cleft lip and cleft palate (among other deformities). Cleft conditions (an opening or gap in the lip or mouth) make breathing, eating and speaking difficult and compromises hearing.

Cosmetic dentistry: Fixing Malocclusion underbite or overbite

A misaligned bite, in addition to being unsightly, can cause challenges to an everyday quality of life, such as making chewing or speaking difficult, causing damage to the gums and jaw, or even disrupting sleeping and breathing. An overbite is when the top row of teeth extend too far over and an underbite is when the bottom row of teeth extend past the top row (even if the bottom row of teeth rest right underneath the top row, it is considered an underbite, as the top row should always be slightly over).

The Real Scoop about the Cosmetic Surgery Credit Card

We all want to look good, and afford it too. Is the interest free financing that comes with your cosmetic surgery credit card really free? Here’s the real scoop. You can easily use a personal credit card and make payments, but the interest rates are high. Cosmetic doctors offer financing options that include interest free terms.

Answers to the most frequently asked teeth whitening questions

Everyone wants whiter teeth but did you know that naturally yellower teeth are healthier than the white teeth? Still, the perfect pearly whites are what we’re after, so here’s the skinny about teeth whitening in the world of cosmetic dentistry. We all want white teeth, but we don’t really know the details involved in teeth whitening, and we generally have a list of questions that need answers. Here’s some of the most popular questions from patients that look for teeth whitening.
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