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Looking Better With Age

Kim Kardashian: what exactly does she do? It seems these days she’s mostly a professional pretty person; the most liked selfies on Instagram and the most photographed person of 2014 according to online reports, it seems public interest relates to her looks only. Well, that title requires a lot of work, in the form of plastic surgery (which the star has never publicly admitted to).

Banish The Cellulite For Good

Don’t be afraid to wear that mini skirt this summer! Banish cellulite forever. You know those dimples are getting in the way, so why not? What exactly is cellulite? It would be easy to say it was just run-of-the-mill fat that can be staved off with diet and exercise, but have you seen skinny bodies with those unsightly dimples on the back of their thighs? I have.

Are Doctors and Plastic Surgeons’ Online Reviews Always True?

Before we seek the help of a doctor or cosmetic surgeon, we quickly run to our friendly www check online for ratings and reviews. One has to think twice and shy away from doctors that have an ongoing bad reputation, but are those online reviews true? Let’s face it, we all agree, there are some doctors that simply should not practice, and botched surgeries

The Selfie Generation

“Selfie” pictures have quickly become the new norm, replacing group friend shots or photos with family as the go-to pose on social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat, but arguably made most popular on Instagram. As in now-faded sites like MySpace and YouTube, the average user can become a “celebrity” on Instagram with enough “liked” photos and followers. All that is needed is some flattering selfies, and voila!– you are now a model!

About The Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy can do a number on your body, causing permanent damage that is immune to exercise and diet. For many women, especially young mothers who are not ready to sacrifice their twenty-something bodies just yet, the only solution is to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery. The postpartum Mommy Makeover plastic surgery trifecta includes a tummy tuck, breast lift plus augmentation and liposuction.

Give the Gift of Beauty this Holiday Season

A new pair of heels, a blender, and…breast implants? That’s right, when building Christmas wish lists, plastic surgery is on the menu as a perfectly viable option for an increasing number of women and men, young and old. Holiday season is approaching, and, for those of us who are particularly proactive about getting a head start on gift buying, it’s time to think about what we want to give to our loved ones (or ourselves!)

Temporary Breast Implants: Just Another “Lunchtime injection Lift”?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with larger breasts but weren’t sure if you were ready for permanent invasive surgery? Or perhaps you have a wedding coming up in which you would like to look your most….“enhanced.” Enter temporary breast implants. Unfortunately, “chicken cutlet” inserts or padded bras can’t simulate the real thing when clothes come off!

When Cosmetic Surgery Saves Lives

While some people might think of cosmetic procedures as optional, there are many threatening situations in which plastic surgeons are the angels who use cosmetic surgery to save lives: Humanitarian plastic surgery: Nonprofit organizations such as Operation Smile, Global Smile Foundation, Rotaplast International, and Caring for Kids along with Surgical Volunteers International provide free surgery for kids and adults around the world who suffer from cleft lip and cleft palate (among other deformities). Cleft conditions (an opening or gap in the lip or mouth) make breathing, eating and speaking difficult and compromises hearing.

Meet The Retired British Diva 18 Plastic Surgeries Later

Katy Bedford, gorgeous at 75 has gone under the knife 18 times in an effort to preserve her youth. Plastic surgeries to Katy are like an insurance policy that helps her stay wrinkle-free. Neck Lift, multiple face lifts, brow lift, nose job, and liposuction are a few of the surgeries she spends her pension on. When Katy feels the need for a little nip and tuck, she’s in.

The Real Scoop about the Cosmetic Surgery Credit Card

We all want to look good, and afford it too. Is the interest free financing that comes with your cosmetic surgery credit card really free? Here’s the real scoop. You can easily use a personal credit card and make payments, but the interest rates are high. Cosmetic doctors offer financing options that include interest free terms.
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