Plasma Injections (PRP) – No wonder Dracula looked so young!

Not quite the Halloween horror story but platelet rich plasma injections (PRP) also involve blood and looking young, so what’s the scoop on the PRP facelift?

Halloween is over but all across the country cosmetic surgeons and doctors are busy drawing blood and re-injecting it just in the right spots stimulating skin into action.

When blood plasma is enriched with platelets, it can help the bone and soft tissue heal fast.  It may seem odd at first, but it’s actually quite simple.  Our skin is programmed to do what it’s supposed to do “heal itself” most facial skin treatments involve causing strategic, targeted injury to our skin which helps it regenerate.  PRP gives it an extra kick.

prp facial injections and rejuvenation

Plasma rich injections aren’t just used for cosmetic enhancements; they’re widely used for medical reasons such as chronic tendon injuries.  The medical community continues to work on additional scientific evidence to confirm the effectiveness in other treatments.

So what does the cosmetic plasma injection involve?

  1. Your doctor will draw some blood (the same amount needed for a standard lab test)
  2. The blood is spun at a very fast rate to separate the platelets
  3. The platelet rich plasma is activated to release various growth factors and proteins
  4. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then strategically injected


Experts say there are virtually no allergic reactions or the body rejecting the treatment since the patient’s own blood is being drawn and re-injected.  The risks are very low.  You should expect a recovery period between 24 to 48 hours of swelling and bruising which ends with looking younger and rejuvenated within a few weeks.

Cost of PRP Injections is $800-$2000, it may take several visits and your cosmetic provider may suggest combining the treatment with other injections such as fillers and Botox for the ideal results.

But like any cosmetic treatment, proceed with caution and discuss all the details with your doctor.  Any medication, including vitamins and herbs you’re taking should be disclosed with your cosmetic doctor prior to you entering the Dracula zone.

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