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Beyond the Microdermabrasion a Closer look at Dermaplaning

Besides gently removing the top layer of the skin and leaving it smooth, dermaplaning is amazing at erasing the fuzzy hairs all over the face. The skin will glow, feel smooth, and is quite obvious during the application of foundation over the skin.

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nose Job

Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose surgery is definitely one of the most difficult among all cosmetic procedures and surgeries. Poor technique of nose surgery can lead to a permanent and irreparable deformity so it is strongly advised to select an experienced and skillful surgeon for your rhinoplasty. Begin by researching your doctor, have a few consultations, and don’t simply rely on online reviews, they’re not always fair or correct.

Banish The Cellulite For Good

Don’t be afraid to wear that mini skirt this summer! Banish cellulite forever. You know those dimples are getting in the way, so why not? What exactly is cellulite? It would be easy to say it was just run-of-the-mill fat that can be staved off with diet and exercise, but have you seen skinny bodies with those unsightly dimples on the back of their thighs? I have.

Are Doctors and Plastic Surgeons’ Online Reviews Always True?

Before we seek the help of a doctor or cosmetic surgeon, we quickly run to our friendly www check online for ratings and reviews. One has to think twice and shy away from doctors that have an ongoing bad reputation, but are those online reviews true? Let’s face it, we all agree, there are some doctors that simply should not practice, and botched surgeries

Thank God for Dimples and Cosmetic Surgery

Remember when everyone wanted the famous Cindy Crawford mole above their lip? What is medically considered a flaw, only added to her beauty. Similarly, facial dimples that occur naturally are actually a result of defective muscles in the cheek. However, these “defects” lend a young cuteness to the face. Unlike moles

The Double Eyelid Surgery

Surgery performed on the upper eyelid, known as a “blepharoplasty,” serves as a rejuvenating procedure for aging or sagging eyelids. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s 2013 statistics, blepharoplasties are the third most popular surgical procedure in the world (after liposuction and breast augmentation).

The Selfie Generation

“Selfie” pictures have quickly become the new norm, replacing group friend shots or photos with family as the go-to pose on social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat, but arguably made most popular on Instagram. As in now-faded sites like MySpace and YouTube, the average user can become a “celebrity” on Instagram with enough “liked” photos and followers. All that is needed is some flattering selfies, and voila!– you are now a model!

About The Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy can do a number on your body, causing permanent damage that is immune to exercise and diet. For many women, especially young mothers who are not ready to sacrifice their twenty-something bodies just yet, the only solution is to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery. The postpartum Mommy Makeover plastic surgery trifecta includes a tummy tuck, breast lift plus augmentation and liposuction.

Give the Gift of Beauty this Holiday Season

A new pair of heels, a blender, and…breast implants? That’s right, when building Christmas wish lists, plastic surgery is on the menu as a perfectly viable option for an increasing number of women and men, young and old. Holiday season is approaching, and, for those of us who are particularly proactive about getting a head start on gift buying, it’s time to think about what we want to give to our loved ones (or ourselves!)

Plasma Injections (PRP) – No wonder Dracula looked so young!

Not quite the Halloween horror story but platelet rich plasma injections (PRP) also involve blood and looking young, so what’s the scoop on the PRP facelift? Halloween is over but all across the country cosmetic surgeons and doctors are busy drawing blood and re-injecting it just in the right spots stimulating skin into action.
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