Answers to the most frequently asked teeth whitening questions

July 25, 2014 Cosmetic Dental Treatments, Teeth Whitening

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Everyone wants whiter teeth but did you know that naturally yellower teeth are healthier than the white teeth? Still, the perfect pearly whites are what we’re after, so here’s the skinny about teeth whitening in the world of cosmetic dentistry.

We all want white teeth, but we don’t really know the details involved in teeth whitening, and we generally have a list of questions that need answers.  Here’s some of the most popular questions from patients that look for teeth whitening.

How white will my teeth get?

You teeth will get whiter, but how much whiter is a question not even your cosmetic dentist will honestly answer, each patient is different.  The professional in-office teeth whitening products will get your teeth to the maximum level of white.  What that level is for your particular teeth, no one will know.

Is teeth whitening covered by dental insurance?

Although some cosmetic dental treatments can be covered by dental insurance, teeth whitening is not one of them.  Dental insurance is for oral health and necessity, teeth whitening is strictly a cosmetic enhancement.

Does teeth whitening work on my teeth if I have dental restorations?

Tooth whitening products do not effect existing restoration, the whitening products only change the shade of your natural teeth.  If your front teeth have restorations such as veneers or porcelain crowns and composites, you may not be a candidate for the teeth whitening procedure.  Consult with your cosmetic dental office to know for sure.

How long will the teeth whitening last?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, it will require maintenance.  After your treatment, the instructions will include staying away from dark colored drinks such as coffee, soda for a few weeks.

As weeks and months pass, your teeth will begin to yellow again based on your food and drink intake, at-home hygiene care, etc.

Do my teeth and gums sustain damage from the treatment?

Prior to the whitening treatment, the dentist will create a protective barrier over the gums, the product is only applied on the teeth.  Sensitivity issues have been reported, but no major side effects have been established.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a beautiful white smile, keep in mind it is a maintenance commitment, especially if you have restorations near the front, this will help you ensure your smile will remain consistently beautiful and pearly white.

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